Any doctor or mechanic will tell you that diagnosis is the first step to a speedy recovery. In order for your electric gate to be fixed, our technician needs to first find out what could be the cause of the problem you’re reporting. Elite gate’s minimum charge includes exactly that and the trip cost of course. Our experience technician will test as necessary the cause and report to you his findings as well as any additional costs you may have for things like replacing parts or additional time.


diagnostic: diagnosis of your electric gateSay you have a gate that is stuck closed or open; it may prevent you from entering and leaving your house or it may create a security breach, landing you with a huge headache either way. Most other gate companies will subcontract the job and will come out (free or not) and suggest that you replace your gate opener but why not hire Elite Gates for a professional diagnostic first. This way you know exactly what’s wrong with the gate and can make a conscious decision as to how to treat the problem. Also, if we deem that your gate operator needs replacement we will credit the diagnostic fee towards the purchase of a new gate operator and if not we’ll be able to save your motor so why gamble with subcontractors and unprofessionals.


Just give us a call, and we’ll send an experienced technician to conduct a diagnostics survey on whatever part of the gate is malfunctioning. Immediately after, we’ll propose and provide a fix to have your gate back up and running as soon as possible and hassle-free.


The same goes for any gate system, gate accessory, or telephone entry system you may have. There is nothing Elite Gates cannot solve with your electric gate system. Moreover, for those living in the Orange County or Los Angeles area, our troubleshooting expertise is only a simple phone call away and there’s a good chance we’ll come out today.


Here are some samples of issues we encounter and solve daily: