Picture this scenario: it’s early and you’re headed to the office for a meeting. You reverse your car in the driveway, ready to head out, but your electronic gate won’t open, barring you from leaving. What are you going to do? well the short answer is have Elite Gates’s phone number programmed in your cell phone; the long answer is that unfortunately, this situation is all too common and that is the reason we offers a gate emergency service in Los Angeles and Orange County areas, day or night.

 emergency gate button

While you can find out how to manually override the system by reading the user manual (as we don’t have a phone technical support), we prefer that you choose our “bailout” service instead. It will allow us to not only get your gates open properly, without causing damage but will also give us a chance to see why it happened. Remember if we come out later, your gate may go back to function properly again and this “lockout” can happen again and again and again unless we see it with out own eyes. What we can’t see we can’t diagnose so if we come after the emergency we can’t do much. This way we can diagnose and handle the issue permanently and quickly.


Obviously our emergency rates are more expensive than normal because our technicians are working overtime, after hours or during holidays. They will leave their families, the movie theater, a restaurant or their bed to cater to your needs and for that they get paid handsomely.
We call it a bailout service because if we find that the issue is more than a small adjustment, requires more time than the minimum and/or you need special order parts we can bail you out, diagnose and return during normal business hours to continue the job at our regular rate.











emergency: elite gates van in front of an elite gate


323-778-4283   or   714-500-8189