In this category you will find accessories that are installed into the gate opener and they include remote controls, electronic keypads, card readers, exit underground loop sensors and more. These devices are crucial to the way your system functions and the ease of which you will use your system. We offer gate accessories to help improve your gate’s efficiency and performance. These additions will keep the entire system running smoother, safer and easier. From remote controls to keypads and battery back up these are all integral and complementary to your system .


accessories: elite gate remoteRemotes – Remote controls are essential and usually supplied free with new installations. Look into a rolling code remote for higher security.

accessories: smartphone application for electric gatesSmartphone App – controlling your gate via an app on your smartphone is not only convenient it is safer too. With this app you will be able to monitor the gate to check whether it’s open or closed and of course allow entrance to your property while you’re off-site.

accessories: electronic keypad for gatesKeypads –Keypads provide you with precise control of who comes in and out. These keypads vary in quality, features and memory but provide you with the ease of deleting or adding a code as you please.

accessories: battery backup for elite gatesBattery backup system – Battery backup when power failure occurs you do not want to be stuck inside or outside or fiddle with the gate. We can install a battery backup system for your opener to avoid the hassle and danger of not having it.

accessories: card reader for electric gatesProximity Card Reader – Card readers are the best access control for apartment buildings and commercial facilities. Easily add or remove cards at will. Some reader systems allow for computer programming and adding additional entry points to the same controller while others give you the ability to control a single entry point with local programming.

accessories: magnetic lock for electric gatesMaglock – Maglocks keep your gates secured in place and provide you with an additional layer of peace of mind. These magnetic locks are released using your access devices only (remotes, keypads, fire switch etc), otherwise they lock your gate in their place. Although they vary in size and strength depending on your gate we normally install ones that carry ratings of 1,300lb of force!