The luxury of a gate comes with the small price of proper scheduled maintenance in order to avoid malfunctions and security breaches. Elite Gates will maintain your gate at regular intervals – residential gates need to be maintained every 6 months and apartment buildings as well as other commercial facilities need to have this service done every 4 months.
 maintenance: measuring stick for oil level
Our specialists will arrive at your place to inspect the gate’s motor parts, including the torque of the mounting bolts, belts, emergency release, sprocket and pulleys. Internally he will check the gear, chain, chassis and circuit board to ensure your system is fully optimized. Externally, if there are any underground loop sensors, infrared beams and/or card readers, he’ll have their connections looked at as well. Lastly, a preventative care wouldn’t be complete without checking up on the gate itself.
A schedule maintenance does not guarantee that you won’t have any issues now or in the future (just as changing the oil in your car doesn’t guarantee you won’t have a flat tire) but it is essential to the longevity of you motor and it is also a requirement by the manufacturer to preserve your warranty. Besides, keeping your machine in tip-top shape is the right thing to do to keep your family and guests safer.
Here’s a breakdown of our service:





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