Safety is our number one concern because no matter how well and beautiful your gate is, if someone gets hurt or something gets hit it wasn’t worth having it in the first place. If a vehicle gets crashed it can really ruin your day. So… don’t skip the most important of all which are the safety devices. These included your above ground sensors such as infrared beams, photoeyes, safety edges, air switches and fire switches or underground sensors such as inductive loops and wands. These provide safety from premature or accidental closure on vehicles, people and pets. Below are some featured items you will need to consider:

safety devices: Photoeye Infrared Beamsafety devices: Loop Detectorsafety devices: fire box


Photocell – reversing the gate upon breaking the Infrared beam. Purchasing two of these is standard but one is the minimum.
Underground loops – inductive loops sensors are installed under your driveway to ensure gate will stay open while a car is in its path. Fool proof sensor that is not subject to the change in the weather or tempering.
Fire Box – fire department box is the law! you are required to give easy access to your property to  emergency vehicles but above all it’s for your safety so don’t skimp.